They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I believe words can also paint a beautiful picture. That’s always my goal when I sit in front of my computer to write: tell a compelling story.

There are several different writing styles. In television news, I wrote scripts for video and newscasts, but I also created original content for my station’s award-winning websites. I took my online storytelling skills just as seriously as my on-air duties.

Not only did I write stories for news websites, I’ve also blogged for several years. I founded the lifestyle blog Seattle Bloggers with my fiancee in 2013, and I manage all aspects of the blog, including almost all written content. I write about everything from events, adventures, travel, and much more. The content on Seattle Bloggers attracted more than 11,000 page views per month in 2016.

Long before I started Seattle Bloggers, I also wrote for many other personal websites. I covered social media, music, food, and just about anything else that came to mind. Ultimately, I love to write. It’s one of my favorite creative outlets.