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Tim Lewis | About Me

There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than telling incredible stories. It’s a big piece of who I am as a professional. I’m a communicator — a storyteller.

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a communication expert. I graduated with a degree in Communication from Washington State University, and then spent more than a decade as a news reporter and sports anchor at television stations around Washington. In that time, I told stories about agriculture, science, technology, crime and so much more. The truth of the matter is: everyone loves a great story, and I know how to tell them.

I enjoy telling stories with my video skills. That’s the name of the game in television news. It’s a visual medium. Over the years, I shot, edited, wrote and produced my own stories. I’ve told hundreds — if not thousands — of video stories. Whether I’m in front of the camera or behind it, I’m passionate about every aspect of the video storytelling process. It’s a big part of who I am as a professional.

Not only do I tell stories with video; I also love to write. For the past 12 years, I’ve posted original content on award-winning television news websites. That was just as much a part of my job as anchoring a televised sportscast. But, my joy of writing doesn’t stop there. I also founded and write for the lifestyle blog Seattle Bloggers. I tell stories about anything from recreation, attractions, travel, and events around the Emerald City. I’ve done so with great success. The blog attracted more than 11,200 page views per month in 2016.

I also love to tell stories on social media. I created and managed social media accounts for KOMO-TV and KREM-TV, and I also contributed engaging content on the station’s primary social media platforms. I also enjoy telling my own story on social media. My personal accounts have more than 9,800 followers on Twitter, 3,500 likes on Facebook, and 1,400 subscribers and millions of video views on YouTube. On top of that, I also successfully manage the social media presence for Seattle Bloggers.

Telling stories for television news comes with strict deadlines. If you can’t make your slot — you’re out of a job. That means I work extremely well in narrow time-frames. I faced multiple deadlines per day, and often several deadlines in a single hour in TV. When breaking news happened, I needed to respond at a moment’s notice. Working under pressure like that forces you to be well-organized and on top of your game every second of every day.

On top of video, writing, and social media, I also have a passion for photography. It’s another fun way to tell a story. You can typically find me on a hiking trail in the mountains, or stomping around Seattle with my camera in hand. I also love to travel. I’ve visited 25 countries, snapping photos, meeting and learning about different people, and of course, enjoying the food.

People often ask me why I chose to leave television news. The answer is simple: relationships. I wanted to spend more time with the people closest to me. It’s no different in the working world, either. I created great relationships with sports teams, universities, and fans around Seattle. Inside the newsroom, I managed a team of photographers, web producers, and reporters as a Sports Director in Spokane. Many of my best friends are former coworkers. If there’s one thing I’m not afraid to do; it’s build strong, lasting relationships.

I have a unique skill set and an intense drive to succeed. Failure is not an option in my world. Once I set a goal, I won’t rest until it’s achieved. That’s the approach and dedication I bring to the workplace every single day. All you have to do is contact me to start a conversation. I can’t wait to show what I can do for you and your organization!