You lead people down the path to what you need them to say, which is really important when you’re doing the storytelling that you’re doing.

Danielle Carlson

Marketing Coordinator, Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.



There’s nothing I’m more passionate about than telling great stories. Whether it’s video, writing, social media, or photography, communication is who I am.

Social Media

With professional and personal experience successfully running social media accounts, I know how to create engaging content that generates a dedicated following across multiple platforms.


You can’t spend more than a decade in television news without tremendous video skills. In front of the camera or behind it, I’m an expert at every level of the video storytelling process.



If you miss your slot in television news – you’re out of a job. I faced deadlines every day, and usually several in a single hour. Some people crumble under pressure, but that’s when I excel.

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